Enabling TeamViewer users for remote support  beyond the computer.

We set ourselves the goal to let users of TeamViewer provide remote support beyond the computer — right from inside a TeamViewer session.

User research

Around 60% of 260 professional TeamViewer users surveyed confirmed that the changes they make one a remote computer during a TeamViewer session leads to observable outcomes in the real-world (e.g. a machine starting to function).

It's this insight that confirmed our motivation to extend TeamViewer's session creation and session user journeys.

Results of survey participants describing themselves as professional users.

Key moments of the UX

The user flow of this feature stars with the supporter requesting an augmented session from the supportee.

The supportee gets prompted to scan a QR code with his mobile phone. The QR code either leads him to the app store to download the app or directly initiates the augmented session.

Once the session was established the supporter now can get a visual of the context through the video stream of the supportee's smartphone camera.

The core idea of the feature

For users that started a trial of the license required for this feature I wanted the core idea of remote support beyond the computer  to be conveyed as clearly as possible.

An animation communicating the core idea of the feature.